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May. 18th, 2009



I thought that my addiction to fanfic was starting to border on unhealthy until I rediscovered Guiding Light...Otalia has taken over my PC.  The BPD & the Otaila Channel have become a necessary fix....so unitl further notice I can be found haging out at BPD

Mar. 29th, 2008


StarTrek Rec

I just finished re-reading a collection of stories by Trekgrrl that I love.  They are worth the read if you like voyger fic.


Writer's Block: No Laughing Matter

What do you think is too serious to joke about?
They say laughter is the best medicine...so IMO anything is fair game. when it is all said and done I'd rather laugh the cry.

Mar. 28th, 2008

black & white

Bumper sticker

I saw a bumper sticker today that made laugh....

If you are going to ride my ass can you at least pull my hair?

I just needed to share....

Mar. 27th, 2008

black & white

List of Fics--Recs

Now that you know I have a femslash obsession I feel it is only fair that I share my addiction.   So to that end I put together a list of some of the stories that I like by fandom.  However, I quickly realized  there are too many to list them all but this is a start. 

Law & Order
• Art Imitates Life & Life Imitates Art by Connecticut Mcphee
• Delicate Balance by brighteyedcat
• Better Late Than Never by ?*
• Confessions of a Superwhore By trancer
• The Rockstar Series by LexusGrey  (waiting 4 more)

*If you know the author, Let me Know

• Vigilante by LexusGrey
• Issues by LexusGrey

Olivia/Abbie  (I love this pairing there is not enough out there if you know of some fics Let me Know).
• Turned by LexusGrey
• Sticks & Stones by Nicca
On Solid Ground by Roshu*

*no longer online-have copy but part 4 not available

Criminal Minds
• Psychopathology by Kyandralin
• Handcuffs, Ambassadors and Unexpected Guests by sofia_lindsay

• 6 Degrees by Elizabeth Carter
• Hustle and Flow by Maaike
• Wrong Again by VanillaBug
• The Assignment by Ann

• Give and Take (Sam/Olivia) by geonncannon
• Roadrunners by Celievamp
• Dial V for Vala by trancer ( I love the sam/Vala pairing)
• Chemistry Cubed by blaze 

• Just Between Series by G. L. Dartt
• Past Imperfect Series by Fletcher DeLancey
• Millennium Series by G. L. Dartt

• A Warrior By Any Other Name by Melissa Good (really anything by Melissa)
• Truth or Dare by Word Warrior
• Heart Of A Warlord by Patricia L. Ennis
• Conqueror by Catherine M. Wilson

• Top by eeyore
• The Phases of Fire (Clarice Starling/Scully)
• Dream A Little Dream of Me Series by MyGirlReyes

• Without A Front by Fletcher DeLancey
• Metamorphosis by Sazzy
• Black's Magic by MJ & Cephalgia
• Madam President by T. Novan and Advocate (Blayne Cooper)
• The XO by C Paradee
• Lucifer Rising by SL Bowers
• The Adventures of Super Dyke Series by Alex Tryst
• And Playing the Role of Herself... by dabkey

So check them out, and Happy Reading...


Mar. 20th, 2008


1st Post-Discovering FanFic

well, I have spent the last few years exploring the world of fanfic with lots of reading...but don't usually post and don't write (much). I have been strongly encouraged to get involved in a more active way by giving feedback and eventually maybe post some of my own writings. so to that end, I now have a LJaccount.

I started reading fanfic after I watched the 1st season of Bad Girls, I became obsessed with the show particularly the Helen/Nikki story-line. One day while surfing for my new obsession I found fanfic. And before I knew it I had a new obsession Reading Fanfic. I am selective in what I read so, maybe I should rephrase and say my new obsession is Femslash...OK so its any lesbian fic. What can I say, In RL I am forced to live in a Het world so my fanfic is lesbian...it helps me deal with the heterosexism.

The Main Fandoms I like to read:

Law & Order (all shows)
CSI (Vagas)
Criminal Minds
StarTrek (DS-9, Voyger)
Bad Girls
Murder in Suburbia

Sites I Like:
http://www.ralst.com/index.html Passion & Perfection
http://community.livejournal.com/femslash_today/ Weekly Femslash Newsletter Journal
http://www.fanfiction.net/ FanFiction.Net
http://www.xenafiction.net/ The Athenaeum
http://fletcherdelancey.com/index.htm Red Moon
http://www.northco.net/~janeway/index.htm Novel Expectations